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A fine Poto knife


Poto knifeTribal / FigurativeDAS_133Call for PriceFor SaleA fine Poto knifeA fine Poto knife No Video Available No Social Media Links Preview DAS_133
Efon Alaye ?


IbejiTribal / FigurativeDAS_132Call for PriceFor SaleEfon Alaye ?A very interesting Ibeji. Efon Alaye ? No Video Available Preview DAS_132
Late 19th / very early 20th century


Ewe KenteTribal / TextilesDAS_131Call for PriceFor SaleLate 19th / very early 20th centuryA very fine old Ewe Kente in beautiful classic Autumnal colours. Late 19th / very early 20th century No Video Available    Preview DAS_131
Product of Ghana


Asafo flagTribal / TextilesDAS_130Call for PriceFor SaleProduct of GhanaA fine Asafo flag from the Fante people of Ghana No Video Available Preview DAS_130
Probably used as a Church alter cloth


Woven rayonTribal / TextilesDAS_129Call for PriceFor SaleProbably used as a Church alter clothA very rare piece of woven rayon from the Ewe people of the Volta region of Ghana. Probably used as a Church alter cloth. circa 1950 No Video Available No Social Media Links Preview DAS_129

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